Paul Donnelly Ceramics
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Graduate Work
This body of work was the culmination of my research while in graduate school (2006 - 2008). This time during my career was informative in many ways. There was a focus on introducing new processes, forming techniques and materials in addition to refining my craft. With this work I combined surface and form from both the potter and designer’s vernacular while also borrowing elements from popular culture. My approach to making investigated control of material to interpret and meld aspects of the world around me: design, textiles, architecture and nature. I was attracted to the way the language of these elements came together to create an object that is elegant in some aspects yet casual in others. With this body of work, I was interested in manipulating the architecture of functional pottery to create different viewpoints within the same piece. Some sections of the work are curvaceous where others are angular; some places are tight and rigid while others are loose and rhythmic. This duality enables a contrast of mood with in the same object that are at times playful and other times serious.