Paul Donnelly Ceramics
The home is sincere because it is an environment where we can be ourselves. It is the place where how we live is a reflection of who we are. We create domestic values through the objects we choose to collect and how we decorate our surroundings. Functional pottery is important to me as a vehicle for expression because it operates within this landscape. I am interested in integrating my work into people’s lives because of the close proximity between (the) user and object. Through use and display, pots will impart meaning that will change with the user’s relationship with the work. The objects we interact with on a daily basis can conjure experiences in our lives often becoming an article of sentiment. I intend to create work where there is a similarity between pieces but everything is unique in some way. Variability is one of the potter’s strength in terms of designing work. Crafting an eclectic array of dishes is a response to the ubiquity of objects sold through chain stores.