Paul Donnelly Ceramics
Pitcher SetPitcher SetPitcher SetPlanter & Vase Planter & VaseVase with TrayVase & TrayVase with TrayFlower Vase & BowlFlower Vase & BowlVase & TrayVase & TrayPlatterPlatterCup & SaucerCup & Saucer detailCup & SaucerCup & SaucerCup & Saucer detailPlace SettingPlace SettingPlace SettingFlower BrickFlower BrickPerforated VasesPerforated VasesPlattersplatters
Post Graduate
This body of work was produced from 2008 to 2012. I am interested in combining multiple processes and materials to create functional ware that is also sculptural. These pieces stem from observations of nature, my interest in architecture and concepts within modernism. I intend to exploit the beauty of ceramic materials as a means to draw comparisons to these ideas but do not want to replicate them realistically. Function is an important aspect to the art that I make. I want people to interact with my work and build personal connections.